Why is Government Killing American Manufacturing?


You know it. I know it. We all know it. Manufacturing and manufacturing jobs are disappearing. Is it really okay to let China produce 695 million tons of steel and reduce America to 94 million tons in 2014? Europe has protections. Latin America has tariffs. We can’t even put rebar in concrete without the Chinese. Our government does nothing even though the case can be made there are serious national security concerns if we can’t make anything. Politicians tell us in the news that America is high-tech and we’re moving past the dirty old factories. Really? We can’t even make a circuit board for a garage door opener anymore. Listen to Richard McCormack, publisher of Manufacturing and Technology News, and I talk about currency manipulation, steel dumping in America, the TPP, and how U.S. companies keep scaling back capital investment in themselves but expect us to invest in them. It’s a serious discussion but you’re going to want to hear the end as we talk about our patriotism, the greatness of the American people, and how our government is letting us down.


Did Facebook really do psychological research with the gay solidarity filter on our photos? They say “no”. I say “Minerva Project” and “Department of Defense”.
More information following up on yesterday’s story about China’s financial mess. Their stock market is as bad as 1929 America but the media won’t tell you.
The trade deficit went up in May. It’s looking bad for American jobs if we keep importing cheap goods and buying online and with big box retailers. If you want “cheap” , low wage countries say “thank you”. If you want “value”, America will have jobs for everybody.

Guest: Richard McCormack
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