Why Doesn’t Congress Support the IRS and a 700% Return?


The IRS has lost 20% of their employees due to budget cuts mandated by Congress. This has severely harmed the IRS’ ability to sustain enforcement and audits for all taxpayers including the wealthiest. History has proven that every one dollar invested in the IRS results in seven dollars returned to the U.S. Treasury. It has gotten so bad that the IRS can’t even answer the phone for 60% of the taxpayers who are trying to comply with Congress’ tax laws. The 40% who get through to the IRS average wait times of nearly an hour. During tax season, some IRS field offices have early morning lines so long that an IRS employee has to tell people near the end of the line that they probably won’t be seen on that day. This is no way to collect 93% of the revenue this country needs to operate. IRS morale is low, workers are overworked, citizens are angry, they complain to Congress, Congress seizes the political football, criticizes the IRS, and cuts funding further. Why does Congress prevent an important government agency from making money for U.S. taxpayers and assure we all pay our fair share – including the corporations and the wealthy? Listen to Colleen Kelley, the President of the National Treasury Employees Union.

Also, our opening discusses a series of articles by WallStreetOnParade.com about a rapid increase in mysterious deaths of Wall Street employees and the fact that Wall Street banks have $68 billion dollars of assets in life insurance policies on their employees and they may be worth $681 billion tax-free. What’s going on? Bobby Rodrigo joins us at the end of the show to let us know what’s happening with our privacy rights as the portions of the Patriot Act expire and the US Freedom Act comes into play.

Guest: Collen Kelley
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