Why Allow Data Theft and NSA Surveillance? Vaporstream is Fighting Back


Journalists can protect their sources, medical providers can communicate securely, lawyers and politicians can protect their confidentiality, and citizens can protect their data. Vaporstream has developed a way that everyone can protect their digital communications just like the major financial institutions and government agences achieve. It works just like text messaging with attachments. It encypts the data immune from NSA surveillance and hackers, and it “vaporizes” after the communication is complete – no one can retrieve it like they can at Goggle or Facebook. Learn how one company is fighting for your right to private communication. In fact, you and your friends and clients and sources can sign-up for free while you listen.

We’ve also attached the Human Rights Watch report entitled “With Liberty to Monitor All” in the viewer to understand the magnitude of the situation and the importance of Vaporstream.

Our opening segment talks about how the U.S. House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee is sending $20 billion on military hardware no one wants – including much of the military. Are these really budget hawks trying to reduce the deficit? You’ll think twice. Also, the opening segment discusses how the European Central Bank wants more power and how a lawsuit alleges 50% of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trades are illegal wash trades that manipulate the markets for large speculators. It’s not for the weak. Listen and learn.

Guest: Mike Koclanes, CEO-Vaporstream
Learn more at: Vaporstream

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