Who is Representing the People?


Americans are against GMOs, the TPP, the end of net neutrality, and low minimum wages. However, despite broad and vocal coalitions of Democrats, Republicans, young, old, minorities, men, women, and others, these issues keep marching forward against us. Congress is oblivious to issues such as GMOs where polling is 93% opposed. Labor unions, the Tea Party rank-and-file, Nancy Pelosi, Rand Paul, and Harry Reid agree the Trans Pacific Partnership is bad policy but it will not die. Why? Progressive organizations sent over a million protests to the FCC about the end of net neutrality but the best they could get was a delay as the Democratic members of the FCC sided with corporate telecom giants. President Obama could end the whole issue by reversing former President Bush’s declaration that internet companies are not common carriers. But he doesn’t. Why? The list goes on-and-on, the people are increasingly vocal, wonderful new coalitions are formed, and our government acts against us. Listen to Frank Emspak of LaborRadio.org discuss the issue.

Guest: Frank Emspak
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