What We Need to Know About Fracking; Has the Time Arrived for the Robin Hood Tax?


(00:00 ) America’s patriotic push for energy self-sufficiency opened the doors to natural gas exploration and the new technology called “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing). It’s been over ten years since fracking was first developed and implemented. Are its environmental and geologic dangers worth the costs? If U.S. energy self-sufficiency was the goal, why is the natural gas industry applying for increasing numbers of export licenses to send our natural gas overseas? Doesn’t that drive up our prices?

Sam Schamaker – Food & Water Watch

(26:28) Countries around the world are implementing the Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions. Hundreds of billions of dollars of taxes are generated by fractions of pennies per transaction. The effect is to stabilize financial markets from churning and protecting consumers from skimming by big banks and financial institutions. Why hasn’t Congress approved this tax for America?

Michael Lighty – Robin Hood Tax

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