What Do The Media Economists See in the Jobs Report That We Don’t?


Media celebrated the economic news that we’ve recovered all the lost jobs. But what’s the real story? The truth is revealed by what media economists didn’t say: Even though we now have the same number of jobs in 2008, our workforce is now seven million people larger; low wage jobs are replacing the higher wage jobs we lost; and corporate profits have set new records. Is this how we, as a nation, measure economic progress? Bill Barclay of the Chicago Political Economy Group returns gives us the truth the media forgot to report. He’ll also tell us a Father’s Day story about men and women in the workforce and at home. Women think they’ve been integrated into the workforce but the majority who are working have been cast into lower wage jobs that reinforce the stereotype of “women’s work”. It’s an eye-opening story of exploitation of women and minorities. It also addresses the question of “Why are we spending more time raising children than in the 1960s even though families are smaller?” It’s interesting stuff.

Guest: Bill Barclay
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