Wealthy Tax Cuts: Where’s the ROI?; India in Crisis


At one time the highest marginal tax rate in the U.S. was 91%. It was reduced to 78% and all American’s prospered. Since the early 1980’s the rate has been reduced to about 35% but average American incomes have stagnated or declined while all the productivity gains and financial rewards have accrued to the top 1%. Why should this policy continue? Where’s the ROI for the average American? Larry Checco is the show’s Washington D.C. contributor and principal of Checco Communications.

India just devalued its rupee 20% relative to the dollar. Its economy is in tatters and they don’t have many financial options available. Listen to Kishore Kulkarni, publisher of India Business and Economic Journal, explain the surprising steps India needs to take and the consequences for America and the world.

Larry Checco, Checco Communications
Kishore Kulkarni, Publisher of India Business and Economic Journal

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