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In 1774, on the advice of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine left England for America. Arriving in Philadelphia, he found the Colonies frustrated and angry at Britain, and divided among themselves about which course they should take. Paine contributed his pamphlet Common Sense, containing unique conclusions possible only from an outsider’s clear perspective. He saw the Colonies becoming a nation, not yet England’s equal, but with greater potential. Subordination to London was incompatible with American interests. The only possible course was full independence. Common Sense resonated with colonists concerned about their economic security and independence; the message in that pamphlet was a stimulus for the American Revolution. America is also at a crossroad today. A series of misguided policies have entangled us in a web of trade and financial relationships collectively known as globalization. These are ruining our economy, limiting our freedom and threatening our security. Most importantly, they rob us of our future. With spirit, intent and perspective similar to Common Sense, this booklet makes the case for renewed American independence and self-reliance. Inspired by Tom Paine’s “Common Sense, this short book outlines our current crisis and the need for policies forged in national unity and serving the long term interest of the United States. Americans have, in the past, faced similar challenges by choosing consensus over partisanship, and working together towards a common goal. We can do it again. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to support political candidates running on such a national unity platform.

About the Author
Jacek Popiel was born in Poland and educated in Europe, Africa, Canada and the U.S. He worked as a teacher in the Congo Republic before serving seven years in the Belgian armed forces, including two years of work in strategic analysis for the U.S. Army. In Washington he met Joanna, then a Peace Corps volunteer. They were married two years later and now live in Colorado Springs. From the service he went on to a career in international business development, covering Eastern and Western Europe, the Soviet Union, North America and Japan. His last position dealt with advanced automotive technology and related energy issues. After finishing that assignment he summarized the acquired knowledge and experience in a short book, Viable Energy Now, published in 2010. Jacek become a U.S. citizen in 1989. His work on energy convinced him of the need for strategically oriented, bipartisan policies in that field as in many others. He served as policy adviser to Dave Anderson, who ran as an Independent in Colorado’s 5th congressional district.Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 16, 2012)
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