U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Proudly Representing 64 Anonymous Corporations


(00:00) A new report reveals the U.S. Chamber of Commerce derives over half its funding from just 64 anonymous corporations. As for the other three million members they claim? The Chamber President says, “They provide the foot soldiers, and often the political cover, for issues big companies want”. Vladimir Lenin might call them “Useful Idiots” as they fight for policies leading to their own demise. Listen to the truth about how a select few direct the largest lobbying and political financing machinery in the world.

Guest: Sam Jewler Public Citizen
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(22:00) In 1934, the American Liberty League with members that included the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, J.P. Morgan, the DuPont family, and others tried to coerce General Smedley Butler to lead a march on Washington that would lead to the overthrow of Franklin Roosevelt. Instead, Smedley Butler became a whistleblower and reported the attempt to the U.S. House of Representatives. Listen to the amazing story.

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“Talking Bout a Revolution” – Tracy Chapman

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