Two-Thirds of You Didn’t Need to Fill-Out Your Tax Return


Two-thirds of you didn’t really need to complete all these tax returns. In fact, the government could have done it for free, e-mailed it to you for approval or modification, and you could move on with your life. It sounds like a a dream but it’s not. They could do it now if it weren’t for the lobbying, campaign contributions, and influence of the tax preparation industry, specifically, Intuit Corporation – the maker of TurboTax. Each year, about 58 million tax returns are filed and only about twenty million had information the government needed. The other other 38 million filers could have waited for their completed tax form, reviewed it, and sent it back. However, the $22 billion per year tax industry doesn’t want to make it easy. They have created a false grassroots movement and work every day to make our lives more difficult and expensive (the average tax preparation fee is $379). Listen and learn.

Guest: Liz Day
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