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Here is a sampling of show topics from five months of programming at The Tim Danahey Show:

• Is There Antitrust Enforcement in the U.S.?
• How Commodity Speculation Affects You
• European Bailouts: Are We Saving the People or the Banks?
• How Reliable is Economic Data?
• Dark Pool Trading (from Mumbai)
• The Case of Coleman Campers and the Private Equity Firm
• The Mysterious Closings of East Coast Oil Refineries (with the Chairman of the world’s largest independent buyer of oil refineries)
• The Answer to the Housing and Mortgage Problem: It Worked in 1936. Why Not Now?
• How Agribusiness Companies Use Trade Policies to Restrict Competition
• The History of U.S. Trade Policies
• “100 Million Unnecessary Tax Returns” (Book Hour) with William Graetz of Columbia University
• U.S./India Trade Relationships
• Are Unions Relevant?
• The Financial Transaction Tax
• Leveling the Playing Field with Currency Manipulators
• The Rentier Economy
• Protests and Banking Regulation

• Move to Amend: A Progress Report
• The Case for Big Government (Jeff Madrick, Sr. Fellow at the Roosevelt Institution and former advisor to Edward Kennedy)
• The Sad Case of Sergeant Bales and Afghan Veterans
• Big Business Writes Regulation for Big Government (Book Hour) (Tim Carney of the Washington Times)
• The State of Michigan Takes Over Benton Harbor
• U.S. Congressional Candidate Andrew Schmookler of Virginia
• Election Statistical Abnormalities
• U.S. Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer
• The Attack on Voting Rights
• Colorado Rule 43 to Reduce Election Machine Security
• U.S. Congressional Candidate Joe Miklosi of Colorado
• U.S. Taxpayers Subsidize Arm Sales
• The Changing Conversation of American Capitalism
• Former U.S. Presidential candidate David Cobb
• Republic Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress (Book Hour) (Lawrence Lessig of Harvard one week before starting his national media tour)
• A Conservative and Liberal Conversation
• The Dangers of Politics in U.S. Courts
• U.S. Congressional Candidate Dave Anderson of Colorado

• Funding the Enemy: How the U.S. Taxpayer Bankrolls the Taliban (Book Hour)
• War Crimes Prosecution in Africa
• The Maldives: The New President Tells His Side of the Story (a side not covered by The NY Times, The Nation, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and the national media)
• Inside the Taliban (Book Hour) (Commander Abdullah of the Taliban is believed to have listened)
• One Land/Two Voices (Book Hour) with Shaul Gabbay
• Clear and Present Safety: America is Safer Than You Think
• Embracing Israel/Palestine (Book Hour) with Rabbi Michael Lerner

• Balancing U.S. Environmental and Energy Policies
• Viable Energy Now: When Energy and Economics Converge (Book Hour)
• Electric Cars and Their Viability
• The Ripple Effect: The Future of Fresh Water (Book Hour)

• Catholics in the News: Their Side of the Story
• Clergy Across America Are Mobilizing for Justice
• Current Economics are Immoral
• Religion and Politics: Have We Crossed the Line?
• Muslims in America (with Imam Abuzaid and listened across the middle east)
• The Church as an Economic Engine

• James Madison and the Building of America (Book Hour)
• Striking a Balance Between Freedom and Tolerance
• Religious Perspectives of the Founding Fathers
• Such Men as These: The Brave Story of U.S. Pilots in Korea
• Why Thomas Jefferson Wanted to Change the Constitution
• The Real Reasons Behind the Demise of Bethlehem Steel
• We Were One (Book Hour about Fallujah)
• Silent Night in World War I (Book Hour)
• Hamilton vs. Jefferson: Limited Government and Banking
• Leonardo DaVinci’s Legacy (Book Hour) from Berlin
• Fatal Crossroads: The True Story of the Massacre at Malmady (Book Hour)
• Pearl Harbor Christmas: Churchill and Roosevelt
• Grant’s Final Victory: Ulysses S. Grant’s Heroic Final Year (Book Hour)
• Jonathan Edwards and America’s Forgotten Revolution

Health, Entertainment, and Other
• A Natural Rancher and a Wellness Doctor Explain Your Beef
• Summer of 68: How Baseball Influences America (Book Hour)
• Driving Around in My Studebaker?
• What Happened to the Health of America’s Children?
• The End of Money (Book Hour)
• Overcoming Anxiety
• Life Inside Out (Book Hour)
• The Social Safety Net
• Heart Disease and Diabetes
• Hispanic Issues in The United States
• Immigration, Deportation, and Hispanic Families
• The Universe from Nothing (Book Hour) (Lawrence Krauss, head of theoretical physics at ASU)
• Cholesterol Isn’t as Bad as You’ve Been Told
• The Slums of Aspen (Book Hour)
• True Strength (Book Hour) (Kevin Sorbo, “Hercules” from TV)
• How the Media Shapes Your Opinions (Book Hour) (
• Fire and Rain: The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, CSNY, and James Taylor in 1970 (Book Hour) (David Browne of

“Rolling Stone”
• History of the Apollo Theater (on-site with Billy Mitchell, the “Ambassador of the Apollo Theater”)
• Occupy America’s Tactics Compared to Successful Non-Violent Protests
• Woodstock West and the Denver Protests of 1970
• Failed Institutions and the Importance of Community
• Men at Work in the Feminist Movement