This is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt is Shaping the 21st Century


What makes some social movements succeed and others fall by the wayside? How did marriage equality advocates succeed changing American attitudes in a relatively short amount of time? Why did Egypt’s “Democracy Spring” ultimately fail after millions supported it? How did Otpor help topple Milosevic in Serbia? What tactics are most effective? How do you define institutional vulnerabilities? The book is fascinating and should be a “must read” for everyone working to promote a cause. The book reveals how nonviolence is more effective than violence by multiples. It is also surprising how few people it takes to implement a revolution. This is only the second book in this show’s history that is provoking subsequent shows, meetings, and actions. Listen to author Mark Engler talk about his new book.

Guest: Mark Engler
Learn more at: Nation Books

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Nashville Lunch Counter Protests

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“The 99” by Tom Neilson

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