Their Last Full Measure: The Final Days of the Civil War with Author Joseph Wheelan


The Confederate army was starving and marching in atrocious conditions while Jefferson Davis unrealistically continued to plot how the South will grab victory from the jaws of defeat. The Union army wanted revenge and burned through the South as punishment for secession and to crush any hopes of uprising. The Confederate soldiers knew defeat was imminent On January 1st, 1865, the South had 126,000 men “present for duty” and 198,000 men AWOL. The Confederate congress was ready to end slavery in order to conscript former slaves to fight but the planter class of the Confederate Senate would not abandoned slavery. Jefferson Davis said in response, “If the Confederacy falls, there should be written on it’s tombstone, ‘Died of a Theory'”. These and many other little-known stories are discussed in this show, including when the people of the south knew defeat was at hand and went to withdraw their money, they were paid with Confederate money the bankers knew would be worthless. Meanwhile, the bankers kept the gold and silver bullion for themselves. This is an interesting discussion that is critical to the understanding of a divided nation.

Guest: Joseph Wheelan
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