The TPP Will End America as We Love It (Not an Exaggeration)


Why isn’t big media telling us about the TPP? Your only legal recourse against global businesses would be in corporate tribunals outside the U.S. justice system. Any legislation passed by your community, your state, or our country that costs corporations would have to be reimbursed to corporations by taxpayers – including to Chinese companies. The possibility of reigning excessive banking risk – nevermore. Preferring local goods or proudly proclaiming “Made in the USA” – illegal. The scope and power of the Trans Pacific Partnership is so insidious that the 600 corporations lobbyists and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are keeping it secret from our U.S. Senators and Representatives. The details are so foul that our Senators are yielding to corporate pressure to pass “Fast Track Authority” that limits advance exposure to 24 hours before it must be voted as a “take it or leave it” by simple majority without amendments and discussion. Our Constitutional protections written by our Founding Fathers will be cleverly trampled by calling the TPP an “agreement” rather than a “treaty” thereby circumventing the 2/3 approval of the Senate. We must stop the corporate-influenced end of America from being approved by our clueless and beholden legislators.

Warning: I had to use one word of profanity to accurately relate a story of what a pharmaceutical executive said about expensive drugs being unavailable to the poor. I apologize.

Guest: Mike Badzioch
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