The Secrets within the National Defense Authorization Act


Are you an enemy combatant? There is no real definition so the answer might by “yes”. It’s very subjective. Without warning, the government can now seize you, put you in a secret jail without legal representation, and hold you indefinitely. Since you are an enemy combatant and not a foreign soldier or civilian, sorry, the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to you. How does this kind of legislation get enacted to let this happen in the United States of America? Well, it’s not the Patriot Act – too many eyes watching. It’s buried deep within the National Defense Authorization Act. Look at section 10-21 (c1) for yourself and see how dangerous this legislation will be. If you think our legislators are reading the bill carefully, think again. Very few have read it and only a small fraction of them are even authorized to amend the Act. If a legislator asks questions, they are countered with, “Don’t you support our troops?” It’s one more reason people need to be involved with our government. You can influence this Act since it is stalled in the Senate for some procedural matters pertaining to the A-10 Warthog aircraft. You don;t have much time. Listen to Dan Johnson of People Against the National Defense Authorization Act.

Guest: Dan Johnson
Learn more at People Against the National Defense Authorization Act

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