The Secret Behind Toll Roads and ALEC; 1814 Battle of New Orleans


(00:00) One toll road operator and member of ALEC said “Hitler painted a great picture” for roads. Who are these private highway companies and why are they bad for America? Is this the only facet of the privatization of our country or do they have plans for more? The truth may disturb you.

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(30:00) Sit back and listen to storytelling about the 1814 Battle of New Orleans which pitted Andrew Jackson and a smaller untrained American militia against England’s most powerful military in the world. Hear why two twists of fate changed the United States. First, how did an arctic air mass keep French from being the primary language of Kansas? Second, what item commonly available at Home Depot did the British forget that caused the most dominating U.S. military victory in history?

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Death to My Hometown, Mansion on the Hill, Bring ’em Home – Bruce Springsteen

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