The Incredible History of the Apollo Theater and Billy Mitchell


(00:00) Billy Mitchell is the “Ambassador” of the Apollo Theater and worked there for the better part of fifty years. He has known some of the greatest performers in American history and has some of the sweetest stories to tell. You will make Billy part of your family and never have the opportunity to hear his stories anywhere else. Sit back and enjoy.

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  1. Mr. Danahey, I’m Billy’s oldest sister and he sent me this blog, as he does after all his programs. Indeed, we, had a rough childhood as our parents were very young and not heeding advice from family elders at that time. Even though I was one of the sisters that was raised by our dad, we all remained close. I know Bill didn’t leave this out intentionally, but he and our dad became very close in the past 25 years. Dad expressed regrets of his early life, but Bill forgave him long ago, as he did our mom. They both passed away several years ago, but they had reconciled, and they knew that we loved and forgave them. Thank you for the privilege of sharing more of my brother’s family history. It’s helped to make him the good man he’s turned out to be.

    1. Patricia, it is such an honor to hear from Billy’s sister. You must be as proud of him as he is of you and his family. Although he couldn’t give many details of his early life, he certainly conveyed the love and pride he has for his entire family. He sweetly told of a family’s struggles and how these struggles brought you all together rather than pulled you apart. It is a beautiful story I heard once before when I was in Harlem and that’s why I asked him to repeat it for listeners. The Mitchell Family story is inspiring, demonstrates how love triumphs love adversity, and how forgiveness lives in your hearts. If a detail was overlooked, I certainly apologize. However, I’m pleased we conveyed the wonderful spirit of the entire MItchell Family. I’m thrilled to consider Billy a friend and hope to meet you, too, when I return to Harlem.