The Good News and the Bad News for June 2015


Listen to some additional information about some recent news stories you may or may not have heard. For example,

Why did Governor Nikki Haley and other governors have a quick change of heart on the Confederate flag? (Hint: It wasn’t principles.)

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift stood for an important principle for all workers and corporate America got schooled.

The Eurozone is planning to acquire some scary new powers and the media isn’t covering the protests.

What are the ridiculous and shiny baubles trade negotiators are offering legislators to get their Fast Track votes and why won’t they consider Elizabeth Warren’s important amendment?

Greece is hitting a wall with the Eurozone negotiations. Would bankruptcy and leaving the Eurozone send the world a message the bankers don’t want you to see?

The Sysco and US Foods merger was blocked. Are we starting to realize prior lack of antitrust enforcement has harmed America? (Tell me if airlines and internet value is better today)

There’s a railroad car shortage. Why do the Koch Brothers like this news even though they need them?

A Federal Court just ruled against for-profit universities. Why? The for-profit universities didn’t want to disclose if their graduates make enough money to pay their student loans.

A recent poll about Presidential candidates isn’t telling the whole story. Bernie Sanders is attracting crowds larger than all the other candidates combined but the media isn’t reporting. Any guesses why?

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