The 1% Want Your Internet. You Can Use It When They’re Done.


Like a thief in the night, the FCC is about to take your open internet and give control to corporations. You will be charged more to use it – a lot more if you want to have priority. But what could go wrong under corporate control? We already pay the more than anyone on earth and we have the 35th worst internet speed. When the corporations control your internet, how will you protest? How do low-funded messages get distributed? What happens to free speech? Fox News can afford to distribute their opinions, can you? What happens to democracy? Is this really okay with you? Listen to this show, get off your couch, and call your President before it’s too late. You have to make him change his mind or it’s “Game Over” for open speech.

Guest: Frank Emspak, Workers Independent News
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“For What It’s Worth” – Buffalo Springfield

American History Minute:
United We Stand

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