Why Tattered Cover Book Store Affiliation?

If you’d like to buy today’s book or any other books in the Danahey.com archives we encourage you to contact your local independent bookseller, hug them, thank them, and support them.

If you do not have a local bookstore, please use the Danahey.com site as we’re an internet affiliate with the famous Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver.

We are a couple dollars more than the big box minimum-wage megastores or the nameless, faceless entity named after a South American river that’s not located in your city.

However, the Tim Danahey Show returns 15% of all proceeds we receive to community and national charitable organizations that work with us.

Tattered Cover has been a fierce defender of first amendment freedoms and has even challenged the U.S. Government successfully in the Supreme Court to preserve customer confidentiality.

Remember, local independent book store first. Help us second. Here at Danahey.com

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