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Tim Danahey is an experienced radio host who has worked in private industry, been self-employed for thirty years, regularly involved in multi-denominational church organizations, and served as a community organizer. His MBA from the University of Denver (ranked second in the world in business ethics), his experience as a Big Eight management consultant, and his time as a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company allows him to understand the language of business and problem-solving. His years of work as an entrepreneur allows him to understand the challenges of the “little guy” in a world of government regulations and multi-national corporations. However, his ethical foundation dictates he report financial, social, and governmental injustices in a comprehensible and entertaining manner. His role is to eliminate politics from the discussion and get to the hearts of the matters affecting citizens, workers, and people in America and around the world.

Topics can range from sophisticated international financial issues, to music history, to matters of faith and religion, to baseball, to American history, and more. The common thread in the show’s fabric is the joy of the conversation and the encouragement for people to be involved in the world around them. It’s time to listen to issues, speak up, and be a participant working for justice.

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