Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre


The Ludlow Massacre isn’t taught in U.S. schools. It happened in 1914 in Ludlow, Colorado as John Rockefeller’s coal company and the state militia shot and set fire to striking laborers’ tent homes. Thirty men, women, and children died in the planned attack. People from twenty-two nations lived and worked at Ludlow under horrific working conditions, intimidation and abuse, and paid in script only valid at the coal company store. When the workers went on strike, Rockefeller and his men stepped up their response during the Greek Orthodox Easter in 1914. It was premeditated and children as young as two months-old died. Louis Tikas was a Greek immigrant, labor organizer, and, on the final day, trying to negotiate a peace. He was shot in the back nine times. Listen to an American story that must never be forgotten. Learn about the new international documentary that teaches the world about corporate power and the fight for human and labor rights in America. Producer and script writer, Lamprini Thoma, is our guest.

Guest: Lamprini Thoma
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