One Nation Under Comcast


Over 100 million Americans in 19 of the 20 largest markets will get their internet service and cable TV from one corporation if Comcast is allowed to merge with Time Warner Cable. Are free market principles working in the media as our choices are becoming more limited, internet service is the 35th slowest in the world, and the costs are the highest in the world? Why should government allow this merger while disallowing municipalities to fairly compete with the internet companies with service that is 25 times faster and still less expensive?

Is it good for democracy to have four or five companies control over 90% of the media in America? What if China wanted to buy Comcast and price was no object? Is this what the founding fathers had in mind when they made freedom of the press the first right in the Bill of Rights?

Listen to answers to many of these questions and decide for yourself if this is the time to say, “Enough!” to media consolidation.

Guest: Craig Aaron, President and CEO of
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