Obama’s Nominee for Secretary of Defense is a Military Industrial Complex Insider


Ashton Carter is President Obama’s nominee for the Secretary of Defense. He is not getting much media coverage and there might be a reason. He has ties to Goldman Sachs and a number of defense contractors and consulting companies. He has worked as an Undersecretary of Defense for Acquistion, Logistics, and Technology during dubious weapons programs such as the F-35, the enormously expensive new aircraft carrier, and the ineffectual Littoral Combat Ship boondoggle. He has spoken out in favor of initiating war with Iran and North Korea. Our guest is the Director for the Straus Military Reform Project Center for Defense Information and the Project on Government Oversight. She’ll let you know every Senator and every key Representative has a military/industrial embed in their staffs. She’ll also let you know how the revolving door between three- and four-star generals and the defense contracting industry works. You’ll find out how the military is trying to eliminate a successful cost-effective program for a multi-trillion dollar unproven experiment. Perhaps Eisenhower was right about the military/industrial/Congressional complex. Listen for yourself.

Guest: Mandy Smithberger
Learn more at: The Project on Government Oversight

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