Obama and the Republicans Shouting for More Defense Spending: Is it Justified?


Obama and Congressional leaders are telling us that we need to increase defense spending because reductions forced by the sequestration have damaged our military preparedness. The truth is that defense spending is still at a pace higher than Ronald Reagan’s historic rate of spending. In fact, the United States is still spending 3X more on defense than the combined totals of Russia, China, Syria, North Korea, and the Middle East. Also, in fact, the United States spends more in a day on defense than the highest estimates of Al Qaeda’s spending for a year. What’s happened to our money? Despite all our spending, we’ve only “won” a single “war” since World War II (Iraq 1991) while Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq (2003) and others have all been inconclusive or defeats. Listen to defense expert and former long-term Senate aide, Winslow Wheeler, tell us about the shocking truth about government, defense, and business.

Guest: Winslow Wheeler
Learn More at: Straus Military Reform Project at the Project on Government Oversight

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