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You will be stunned by the degree of surveillance and erosion of rights that occurred just in this past month. Jeanene Louden of the and I discuss surveillance, the government wanting to issue gag orders without explanation, the Federal judge that is forcing a telecommunications company to provide mass data to the government even though they don’t want to do so (the Federal judge is also a FISA judge appointed by Chief Justice Roberts), Stringrays and local police surveillance paid by the Department of Homeland Security, the revolving door between the Department of Justice and one law firm and the Federal Communications Commission and the telecommunications industry, the UAW telling Tennessee lawmakers to “put up or shut up”, U.S. Representative Dave Camp’s weird analysis of the United States’ poor first quarter GDP growth, Senator Tom Coburn discussing minimum wage, and U.S. Representative Paul Ryan on poverty. You will be amazed and shocked – hopefully, into action.

Guest: Jeanene Louden
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“A World Turned Upside Down” – Dick Geaghan

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