Hungary’s Warning for the U.S.: Fascism Can Have the Illusion of Freedom


Hungary stacked the Supreme Court and judicial appointments with political ideologues, consolidated the media, instituted restrictions on voters, gerrymandered safe political districts, de-funded their political opponents, chipped away labor rights, punished investigative journalists, saturated schools with political supporters, and used economic austerity to only provide government favors to corporations who support them. The extreme-right opposition is used to portray their fascist government as centrist and the political left is fragmented, over-dependent on social media that is under government surveillance, and fear economic retribution. Hey, America, does this sound familiar? It’s part of the playbook designed by Stalin, endorsed by Grover Norquist, written in “The Wrecking Crew” by Thomas Frank, and now implemented in Hungary. Listen how a minority party in Hungary used legal step-by-step procedures to consolidate power, control the population, and enrich their friends. It is a frightening story that should wake-up Americans. Our guest is a Princeton professor and world expert on Hungary.

Guest: Kim Lane Schepple
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