How Thirty Year-Old F-16s Defeat the New $1.5 Trillion F-35s


A report issued by the Straus Project for Military Reform reveals how our old F-16 fighters consistently defeated the new $1.5 trillion F-35 fighter in secret tests – even though the military saddled the F-16s with heavy fuel tanks and armaments. You’l listen how the planes can’t dogfight, they can’t determine friends and foes in long range attacks without revealing their location, and their stealth technology is ineffective. The $600,000 helmet the pilots wear are ineffective in combat, bad weather, and landing. There are 30 million lines of software code to operate the planes. Furthermore, the planes are being dubbed “hangar queens” because they require so much maintenance that pilots only get about one-fifth the training they need. It is a fiasco and Congress is unwilling to stand up to the military/industrial complex to demand accountability. This show is highly detailed and our guest is fascinating.

Guest: Dan Grazier
Learn more at Straus Project for Military Reform

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