Partial List of Guests:

Leo Gerard
International President of the United Steelworkers
David Cay Johnston
Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist
David Cobb
Green Party candidate for President
Buddy Roemer
Republican candidate for President
Gary Hart
Former U.S. Senator
Hank Brown
Former U.S. Senator
Ron Kind
U.S. House of Representatives – Wisconsin
Muhamed Washeed
President of Maldives
Imam Abuzaid
Islamic Mosque of Denver
Rabbi Michael Lerner
Tikkun Institute
Ismael Akbulut
Mosaic Foundation
Lawrence Lessig
Harvard University
Harlow Giles Unger
Edward Larson
Pulitzer Prize-winning author
Joe Maxwell
Humane Society of the United Sates
Diana Moss
Antitrust Institute
Fred Stokes
Organization for Competitive Markets
Michael Stumo
Coalition for a Prosperous America
Michael Shuman
Michael Graatz
Columbia University
Bill Barclay
Chicago Political Economy Group
Kishore Kulkarni
India Journal of Business and Economics
V. Shunmugam
Chief Economist,India Commodities Exchange
Sid Mahanta
New America Foundation
Juan Zarate
Former Deputy Assistant to the President
Ellen Brown
Public Banking Institute
Billy Mitchell
Apollo Theater
Patrick Robinson
Scott Klinger
For Effective Government
Mike Callicrate
Organization for Competitive Markets
Sam Schabaker
Food and Water Watch
Delphine Helgand
Reporters without Borders
Suzanne Nossel
PEN America
Jenny Flanagan
Common Cause
Nader Hasemi
University of Denver
Ilene Grabel
University of Denver
Shaul Gabbay
University of Denver
Don Fitz
Washington University in St. Louis
Bruce Kushnick
New Telecom
Carl Weimer
Pipeline Safety Trust
C.J. Polychronieu
Levy Economics Institute
Rainey Reitman
Electronic Frontiers Foundation
Carne Ross
Occupy Money
Wendell Potter
Eric Byler
Coffee Party USA
Michael Lighty
Democratic Socialists of America
Sam Bernhardt
Food and Water Watch
Brendan Fischer
Center for Media and Democracy
Elena Nunez
Common Cause
Mustafa Akyol
Jeff Madrick
Roosevelt Institute
Brian Freidman
Israel Investment Advisors
Stacy Torres
New York University
Sam Polk
Nick McCormick
Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans Association
Shaila Dewan
New York Times
Matt Wald
New York Times
Frank Emspak
Workers Independent News
Justin Elliott