Financial Regulation (Dodd Frank) is Four Years Old and Helping America


Bankers and politicians said the sky would fall if we passed financial regulation. But, guess what? The Dodd-Frank bill is four years-old and helping Americans everywhere. Despite over 3,000 financial industry lobbyists putting their fingerprints everywhere, almost half the bill is finalized, some is implemented, and more remains to be put online. In fact, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that bankers hate has already returned $3.8 billion to consumers who were victims of financial violations of the law. Americans are fighting back against financial abuses. 375,000 people have filed complaints against debt collectors, credit card companies, mortgage bankers, and similar entities. Listen to Bartlett Naylor of Public Citizen tell us how it’s working for the people and how regulators are dragging their feet to implement the rest of the bill.

Guest: Bartlett Naylor
Learn more at: Public Citizen

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