Ethical Investing: Why We Must Do It Now


We vote at the ballot box and where we shop. Now consider voting where you invest. Ronnie Moas founded Standpoint Research and became the #1 investment research firm in the world. He created shockwaves and a global sensation when he advised his clients to divest themselves of Apple, Amazon, Philip Morris, and Yahoo for moral and ethical reasons. He was blasted in the mainstream media and lost many clients despite his success. Listen to him explain how he believes the extremes of wealth and poverty are not sustainable and should not be allowed to continue. His conscience does not condone billionaires making their money off employees that are exploited, abused, and suffering. He has grown weary of extreme greed and the excesses of capitalism. It’s now time to put the world’s excess wealth to work helping the poor, starving, and disadvantaged. If we can invest, it’s time we consider the ethical consequences of what our investments enable. Also, he walks the talk and created a global charity. It can be done successfully. Listen to Ronnie Moas and find out why we must do it now.

Guest: Ronnie Moas, Founder and Director of Research at Standpoint Research
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