Documentary: Occupy the Farm with Producer Todd Darling


Protesters and the community arose when the University of California at Berkeley wanted to develop the last fourteen acres of open land on its urban campus. The land had been an agricultural research site for eighty years as mandated by land grant college legislation established for public universities in the United States. The protesters and community used non-violent tactics and community organizing to focus on planting and tending vegetable gardens for the impoverished neighborhoods. The UC Berkeley administrators sent the riot police to shut them down but the protesters adapted strategies and regained the initiative. The media began to follow the stories. The administration’s proposal to build a strip shopping mall and condominiums on the land stalled as the protesters creatively used zoning, environmental impact statements, and a legal referendum to stop the development. Meanwhile, they tended the gardens, harvested the crops, and supported the local community. So many lessons are offered by this documentary. So many issues to be discussed. Listen and view the movie trailer, hear the producer and director – Todd Darling – talk about the movie, and enjoy two songs about family farms and food integrity at the end.

Guest: Producer/Director Todd Darling
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Music Featured:
“Four Lane Highways and Mobile Homes” by Tom Neilson
“Support Our Local Farmers” by Priscilla Judd

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