Did the Supreme Court Just Sell Democracy to the Highest Bidder?


The long descent into fascism (“The merging of corporate and government power.”-Mussolini) was perpetuated as the Supreme Court’s Gang of Five decided to remove campaign contribution limits. The Gang has decided that money is equivalent to speech and cannot be legally inhibited. The consequence is that wealthy individuals, corporations, and, yes, foreigners are free to invest in elections and political campaigns without restraints. This decision, coupled with their Citizens United decision that corporations are people and endowed with inalienable rights, has bestowed constitutional powers on legal entities that live forever. So what are people to do? One organization took the lead years ago to fight for a Constitutional amendment that says corporations are not people and money is not speech. They have over 350,000 members and they have won in every municipal and state election they have posted this ballot issue across the United States. Listen to their national spokesperson and get involved.

Guest: David Cobb
Learn more at: Move to Amend

Move to Amend

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