Cuba and America Will Bond Through Baseball


Despite being isolated for nearly sixty years, despite being embargoed, and despite the missile crisis, the people of Cuba yearn for stories about American baseball. They read the statistics, they play in poorly groomed fields, and debate baseball in huge sections of public parks. Tim Wendel is one of America’s top baseball authors and he’s been to Cuba three times. Listen to the stories of divided cultures reaching out over stories of baseball. Listen how an old Cuban man who knew all the statistics for every player on the Minnesota Twins but never saw their pictures. He saw Tim was an American and asked Tim to describe how they looked. Tim looked forward, described Jack Morris’ mustache and stern countenance. He described Kirby Puckett’s rounded physique and unending hustle. He went on through other players. When Tim looked back at the old Cuban man, the man was in tears to finally have an image of the men he knew only through baseball statistics. Listen how Fidel Castro was almost good enough to play professionally in America but, when he failed, he became a Cuban baseball player and revolutionary. Che Guevera was his not-so-good second baseman. There are many stories to tell about the magic history of baseball and our bonds through baseball. Sit back and enjoy Tim Wendel.

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