Could Fascism Occur in the U.S.?


Media talks about capitalism, communism, socialism, libertarians, theocracies, and various systems in-between them. But the media never discusses fascism. Why? This special show with two other acclaimed talk show hosts, Egberto Willies and Bobby Rodrigo, dissects fascism tenet by tenet and examines them to see how they might apply to the United States. The defined conditions for fascism are:

  1. Excessive nationalism to rally the masses (patriotic symbols and slogans)
  2. Lack of recognition of human rights (torture, no due process, and surveillance is okay if the nation is threatened)
  3. Identification pf enemies and scapegoats as a unifying cause to rally people (communists, liberals, Muslims, immigrants, etc)
  4. Supremacy of the military (disproportionate resources for the military, glorification of military service, the need for perpetual war)
  5. Sexism (male domination with women possessing fewer rights, homophobia)
  6. Controlled mass media (sympathetic media or indirectly-controlled media is allowed)
  7. Obsession with national security (willing to suspend civil liberty for security)
  8. Religion and government is intertwined (Mussolini described it as “the holiness of heroism”)
  9. Corporate power is protected (the merging of corporate and state power)
  10. Labor unions are eliminated (Mussolini said they are the biggest threat to fascism)
  11. Disdain for intellectuals and arts (education must be privatized to serve the state, no funds for art)
  12. Obsession with crime and punishment (Mussolini said “severe measures must be taken against those who oppose the fascist state”, public order must be sustained)
  13. Rampant cronysim and corruption (the relationship between business and government is mutually supportive and corrupt)
  14. Fraudulent elections (“fascism denies that the majority can direct human society”, voter rights and power are suppressed, the judiciary rules elections)

Listen to this important conversation and judge for yourself. Could fascism occur in the U.S.? If so, what are you going to do about it?

Guests: Egberto Willies and Bobby Rodrigo
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