Book Hour: Unreasonable Men – Teddy Roosevelt and the Republican Rebels Who Created Progressive Politics


Progressive politics arose to stop the abuses of power between corporations and our government, Senator Bob LaFollette of Wisconsin proudly stood alone, was criticized and dismissed, and persevered to create a movement for the people of the United States. Teddy Roosevelt started as a consensus-building President that wanted to please all sides, Congress was controlled by a powerful Speaker named Joe Cannon that thought everything was fine and didn’t want to change anything, and Senator Nelson Aldrich was the ultimate behind-the-scenes power broker between the financial institutions, J.P. Morgan, and favorable legislation. Corporations ruled the country. However, Bob LaFollette was a courageous progressive who had a long-term strategy. He wouldn’t compromise and he knew his legislation wouldn’t pass. He failures were planned as he presented the facts and injustices behind his legislation, forced the Senators to go on record with their votes, and, eventually, the country voted for change. Antitrust enforcement, tariff revisions, bank reform, and democratic initiatives soon followed. Listen to the author talk about his fascinating book and learn the lessons for today.

Also, listen to opening news about China and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Public Citizen and Murray Energy, and Amazon and Hachette publishers. Good stuff.

Guest: Michael Wolraich
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