Book Hour: Thunder at Twilight – Vienna 1913-1914


Frederic Morton passed away and deserves acknowledgment for his great literature, including “Thunder at Twilight: Vienna 1913 -1914” which we featured. He fled the Nazis in Austria in 1939 and went on to a distinguished career. He received many literary awards and it was an honor to have shared a wonderful in-depth conversation with him. He was kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work. He will be missed.

Rest In Peace Frederic Morton: 1924 – 2015

One city, 1913-1914, and the center of world events for the next fifty years. That’s how one could describe Vienna, Austria in the year leading up to World War I. Hitler, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Freud, and Jung were all unknowingly within a few tram stops of each other. The opulent royal parties of Franz Joseph and Franz Ferdinand masked them from the deteriorating economy and income disparities. Meanwhile, generals and industrialists planned for war while politicians believed peace would prevail. Even when the final chances for peace existed after Franz Ferdinand’s assassination, the peace process was corrupted by an Austrian general who wanted to go to war with Serbia to win the love of a married woman. The war was preventable but the media provoked nationalist frenzies in many nations and the global military/industrial complex was ready to exploit the assassination of the Archduke. Amazingly, the Archduke’s assassination was downplayed in Austria by his own family and citizens. It was a war that didn’t need to happen. Listen to the author talk about his wonderful book.

Guest: Frederic Morton
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