Book Hour: Hitler’s Warrior – The Life and Wars of SS Colonel Jochen Peiper


This is not a war story. Jochen Peiper was Himmler’s closest aide and became a fierce field officer, Peiper was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for his role in the murder of American prisoners at Malmady. He was aware of the concentration camps from the early days and even advised officers to get to the war fronts to create alibis. He said, “If we lose this war, we’re going to be in big trouble.” Even when Peiper retired to rural France after the war, became a US representative for Porsche Automobiles, and lived a quiet life, he was hounded for suspicions of war crimes and continued Nazi activities. Ultimately, he died as assassins burned down his home. Or did he? Even in death, Jochen Peiper remains a mystery. This is an insightful story about the rise of fascism, the workings of Hitler’s inner circle, and the straight-out looniness of Himmler. A fascinating read.

Guest: Danny Parker
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