Book Hour: Down to the Last Pitch – How the 1991 Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves Gave Us the Best World Series of All Time


We’ll talk about serious issues in forthcoming shows so let’s start the new year with a fun discussion about baseball and baseball history. Baseball is a part of the fabric of American life. Jacques Barzun wrote in 1954, “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game.” The game encompasses individual performances combined for a better team. The sport has subtleties, nuances, and social contracts reflective of the spirit and understandings of Americans working together for a better country. The game has set standards in race relations, ethics, war-time sacrifice, and common ground. Think about it. We may be a Cub or Cardinal fan, a Red Sox or Yankee fan, or a Giant or Dodger fan but the sport is one of the last venues where people can disagree and discuss in a civil manner while placing the ideals of the game above our petty differences – yet another lesson for America.

Author Tim Wendel and I hope to relax once a month and talk about baseball history. Hear the first installment as we discuss his new book.

Guest: Tim Wendel
Learn more at: DeCapo Press

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