Book Hour: “27: The History of the 27 Club Through the Lives of Jones, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain, Winehouse”


(00:00) Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones was not a pleasant person and was removed from the group just weeks before his death. Jim Morrison was never happy as a rock sex symbol. He wanted to be poet. All of the musicians in this book have a back story but what, if anything, did they have in common? Did they all commit suicide? Indirectly, their lifestyles were self-destructive but only Cobain committed suicide. The stories are tragic but they have lessons. They are sure to initiate discussion.

Music Featured:
Jimi Hendrix – “Castles Made of Sand”
Janis Joplin – “Me and Bobby McGee”
Nirvana – “All Apologies”

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